Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1. 032c

The problem with print is not that nobody's reading it - it's that much of it is suffering from newfound constraints and the content suffers. This isn't just a version of 'the internet has limitless space, a magazine has a set amount of pages' - it's that some modern magazines believe that readers want a certain kind of thing and so become set in their ways. But some magazines do have the freedom to be a little more indulgent and experimental. Berlin-based biannual 032c is one of them. It's got a rabid international fanbase and M. once described it to me as 'the New Yorker for fashion'.

The latest issue has a 37-page spread on Nicolas Ghesquiere's paradigm-changing spell at Balenciaga, and it's a history of contemporary fashion that few other publications could (or would dare) to offer. And in form it's pioneering, too: combining a proper longform profile with fold-out thumbnails of collections and an editorial featuring the inimitable Charlotte Gainsbourg is something we'd almost expect to see online today (if we indulge our highest expectations), but in print it becomes a real tribute, a solid artefact many magazines wouldn't even consider publishing in 2013. It's daring, dangerous and I love it.

about total looks

This is a journal of my self-education, or something pretentious like that. Taste is fluid and never objective, but I believe it gets better as we do. And tomorrow is always another day!